The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Friend’s Birthday Present

Dear every best friend ever, here’s all you need to know about his/her birthday present for this year.

*drum roll*


Scoring major BFF points is very important to avoid best friend squirmishes, isn’t it? Like who on earth wants to disappoint their BFF with a bad present? They might or might not say they like it, to not offend you, but deep down, deeeeeep down there, THEY FREAKING HATE IT.

Many many options for a present. You can get them clothes. Or stuffed toys. Or food. Or whatnot. But here’s the thing, fellas. They’re not personalised. You want to get them for a friend- okay. But best friend, nah bruh. The BF deserves more. You want to make it to the ‘nice list’? Check out my Best Friend Present Checklist.


10. Cupcakes

Foodie friends will be none too delighted to get this present. Customized cupcakes are available in every bakery ever. And what’s more, if you can’t convince mum to drive you down to the local bakery, here’s your hack. There are online bakeries that allow you to get cupcakes delivered to your doorstep.

Prices vary. 6 cupcakes cost from $12 to $18 depending on the quality or exclusivity of your order. You have the freedom to choose your design from the internet. So if he/she likes TVD or Sherlock or HIMYM, all you have to do is google your design and place and order and voila!

Here’s what one of my friends once ordered for someone. Cool, right?


Oh, here’s another one. We ordered these too.


9. Customized notebooks

Now this one would be my personal favorite from the list. There are many shops, virtual and actual, that allow you to order notebooks, copies, sketchpads, registers etcetera with your desired image or whatever printed on them.

My own best friend once got me one of these for my birthday, and it was rad I swear. They look classy and dope as hell, and for the nerdverse this is h-e-a-v-e-n. Even when you don’t want to write on it, you can still leave them lying around. I think they polish your personality. Bear with my unique views lmao.

I know of a couple Instagram and Facebook pages that let you have notebooks customized. There’s a Facebook page called which has the best customized books, with every design from Harry Potter to F.R.I.E.N.D.S to French poetry.

I got this (yeah, I’m a Weeknd fan)


And this:


8. Customized charm bracelets

I don’t know about you, but for me, this one is totally a Fifty Shades Of Grey thing. No, I haven’t read the book. And yes, I know about the bracelet because it’s a Tumblr thing now. Absolutely viral.

For those of you who are not aware, this charm bracelet is some bracelet that someone gets someone. The point is, this bracelet has little pendant thingies, each of which symbolizes something different apparently. Here’s a look. Got it off pinterest.


You see the little pendants around it? They’re like inside memories.

So this birthday, get your friend a charm bracelet. You can either get it customized from some expensive jewelry shop or you can go the cheap way (get a chain; then go to a cheap recycled jewelry shop and get pendants made. Hook em in). Your choice.

Ideas for pendants:

  1. A cake for the birthday
  2. A cruise ship if they like travelling
  3. Some food thing
  4. Makeup
  5. The logo of their favourite baseball team. Hint hint.
  6. A Christmas tree.

Go get your bracelet now!

7. Beanies

Okay, this one’s cool. So if your friend is a fan of beanies, get them one.

There are many ideas for this one. You can either go and get them one from anywhere, Forever21, H&M, absolutely wherever you want.

Or you can get them personalized yourself. You know, like we did with the cupcakes and the bracelet. Here’s some examples. Got em off the internet. You can get more yourself. Depends on what your friend likes.

71mLQ4iHX-L._UX385_                 bazinga__36906.1418039966.220.290

Get yo beanies peeps.

6. Message boards

For those of you who are clueless, here’s what I am implying. A message board is a sort of like, like you know, a board, on which you list down your messages or wishes or pictures with your friend.

You can buy proper message boards which have spaces in them and frames to put pictures in. Or you can create one yourselves with a canvas or a flat wooden board (you know, the ones artists use to rest their paper on so it doesn’t bend). You could paste messages or wishes written on little sticky, post-it notes, with signatures from everyone. And fill the spaces with pictures of yourself and your friend and stuff like that.

If you want to be even more creative, you could get a string of those small, toenail-sized bulbs. They are very cheap, and all you need to do to light them up is get a small battery, like the one used in remote-controlled children’s cars, and then fix the circuit.

images            Saw this one on google. Its pretty.

5. Open-when letters

There’s a lot of articles on the internet on this one. I made one batch of these myself once. So I don’t think anybody needs guidance on this one.

Once more, you can either buy them or make them yourself. Know what I made?


4. Customized chocolates

Yes, sir, yes. THEY LET US CUSTOMIZE CHOCOLATES NOW. They’re like cupcakes, only smaller and cuter and less mainstream. Any good bakery does it on order. Yeah yeah, they have online outlets. It’s a globalized world isn’t it?

You can personalize your chocolate wrapping. Design it anyway you want.


Or you can personalize what’s inside. That’ll be expensive but I guess it’s worth it when you have the best gift among all.


3. Cushions

Self-explanatory, no?


Emojis rule the world.

images (1).jpg



2. Key chains

Get them a key chain with their name on it. Or a cartoon character. Or a message.

That way they’ll have you with them wherever they go.

1. Fandom boxes

Okay, okay, okay. *hyperventilates*

This one calls out to all the fandoms, all the nerds, all the tv show freaks, cumberbitches, whovians, superwholockians, vampires, werewolves, potterheads, TBBTs, shadowhunters, Netflix lovers, otakus, Korean fetish owners, believers, swifties, YMFCs, directioners, banksians, arianators, and the rest of the world that isn’t mainstream (I love you guys more).

There’s a new thing in the world, a kind of website, that allows you to subscribe to a monthly subscription of their product. Now, what actually is their product?

It is a box. A box. And inside the box are fandom goodies. A to Z. A Harry Potter themed box may have dream catchers, your Hogwarts admission letter, wands, bookmarks, themed tote bags, YA novels, DVDs, even those Harry Potter course books that Hermione fretted about.

It’s legit the best thing you might have ever seen.

The first website you could use is:

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect. Got them off Instagram.



There’s another website.

Check out all of them and order your favourite, cause these fandom boxes are lit!


Don’t forget to leave me feedback about what your best friend said. Fingers crossed for you!